SUSTAINABLE FASHION: A Short Guide to Positively Impact the Environment as a Consumer


Gucci has joined forces with Chargeurs Luxury Fibers to boost regenerative wool as part of their NativaRegen program. The sustainability initiative works closely with 10 Uruguayan farms – one of them being La Soledad, managed by Gabriela Bordabehere.

Having kicked-off in mid-2022, the collaboration marks another chapter in Gucci’s sustainability strategy, fostering a new vision of the supply chain. “Gucci’s climate action strategy has evolved to a nature-positive approach where regenerative agriculture plays a key role. Analyzing our supply chain, we realized that there were opportunities to address environmental challenges,” said Antonella Centra, executive vice president and general counsel, corporate affairs and sustainability at Gucci.

Launched by the luxury firm, which is led by president and chief executive officer Marco Bizzarri, in collaboration with Chargeurs Luxury Fibers, one of the world’s largest wool producers, the Nativa Regenerative Agriculture Program supports farmers with the critical funds needed to transition into regenerative practices.

Federico Paullier, Chargeurs Luxury Fibers’ CEO, said the endeavor involves 100,000 hectares of land. “These farms were carefully selected by our team for their interest in improving the land and their wider ecosystems by thus transitioning into regenerative agriculture.

This shift requires a change in farming practices, as well as accepting recommendations and working collaboratively with all partners, with the clear notion that results will be seen in the long term. In addition, the initiative includes supporting farmers and their surrounding communities, ensuring a program that is truly sustainable over time. La Soledad farm was the first one in Uruguay to embark on this project with us,” Paullier said.

Having a strong vision of the actions required to create a better future, Gucci has assembled a wide range of commitments together with Gucci Equilibrium, their platform fueling creativity, positive change for people and the planet, while seeking to reduce its environmental impact and protect nature.

Although it’s not the first mission of this kind — Gucci has been funding regenerative agriculture projects related to cattle, sheep and goat farming in the pastures of Montana and Patagonia since 2020 — selecting Uruguayan farms for this project marks a pivotal milestone for the country and its farmers.