SUSTAINABLE FASHION: A Short Guide to Positively Impact the Environment as a Consumer

Concerns surrounding environmental consumer consumption have increased in recent decades, with a noticeable push once COVID-19 went into full swing and supply chains seemed to fumble and crash. Waste concerns have been identified for years, but it’s time to do better instead of just talking about it. Studies show the leading factor in environmental pollution is manufacturer and production waste. It’s evident that consumers are interested in sustainable practices, but it often stops there. So, how do you help? By shopping at businesses that support or create sustainable products, consumers can impact the environment positively.

As the name implies, our brand was created in order to unite the terms “eco” (ecological) and “vest” (vestuário – “clothing” in Portuguese). Since its foundation, Ecovest has been solely focused on developing environment friendly fashion collections. We’ve already conquered a few certifications, awarding with a guarantee of maximum excellence the reduction of the use of hazardous chemical components, such as heavy metals, toxic dyes, crop protection substances and carcinogenic substances.

We can all make small adjustments to contribute to a better environment, especially in the fashion industry. What fashion practices could you adopt in your everyday life for the sake of sustainability?