After obtaining the GOTS and SMETA Certifications, we had a light bulb moment… and we do mean that literally: we decided to replace our old conventional lights with LED (Light-emitting diode) lighting bulbs all over ECOVEST’s facilities!

You probably already know LED bulbs are good for the environment, but did you have any idea of how very useful and advantageous they can truly be?

  • They last longer!
    LED bulbs and diodes have an expected lifespan without compare, lasting in average 30.000 to 50.000 hours. And while incandescent lighting burns out, LEDs simply dim over time.
  • They’re highly efficient!
    With an estimated energy efficiency of 80% to 90%, LEDs consume 50% less energy than traditional lights. This happens because 80% (to 90%) of the energy received is transformed into light, wasting 20% in the form of heat, while traditional bulbs only convert 20% of the energy into light.
  • They’re highly customizable!
    Due to their incredible flexibility, LEDs can be quite malleable, which means they can be easily produced and then function in any shape. They can also be very small (smaller than 2mm2) and emit light of an intended colour without using any colour filters.
  • They work under extreme temperatures!
    While fluorescent lamps require higher voltage to start in extreme high or low temperature environments, LED remains fully functional. In fact, LED performance increases as the temperatures drop, making them a natural fit for refrigerated display cases, freezes and cold storage spaces.

Here at ECOVEST, we pay our debt to the environment by doing everything we can to reduce the hazardous impact of our activity in the surrounding areas. We like to believe we may inspire other manufacturers to do the same and contribute to a healthier planet for the future generations.

And you too can make a change. So start now!


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