Welcome, welcome, dearest friend Spring! We thought you’d never come!

Wallets are set, furry coats are on leave, shopping sprees are coming and we’re all dying to rock those fresh looking outfits once again. But before you start spending, we’ll show you what’s trending:

Our favorite color works as a bold statement we carry with us everywhere. What are your clothes going to say about you this season?

The choice of fabric is crucial!

This spring, the top brands and designers are using:

  • Streetwear: Neoprene, Fleece, French Terry, Poorboy Ribs, Mesh, Supplex, Nylon blends, Tri-blends, Recycled Fabrics, Compression High Tech fabrics
  • Regular apparel: Modal& MicroModal Blend Jerseys, Promodal Jerseys, Tencel® Jersey, Silk & Cashmere Blends, Ponti di Roma, Wool Blends
  • Swimwear: Neoprene, Jacquards, Shantungs, Mesh, Supplex, Nylon Blends
  • Stripes: Viscose Jerseys, Rayon Jerseys, Cotton Blends, Supplex Blends, Slub Blends, Tencel, Nylon & Poly Blends


Pink – Sweet and feminine

Spring 17 2017 Ecovest fashion trends clothes women fashionista rose chic


Oversized shoulders

Spring 17 2017 ECOVEST oversized shoulders fashion trends moda style


Sports parkas






Long Sleeves


You can tell a lot about someone from the shoes they wear. This spring is going to make sure they say the absolute best about you!

The runaways have made it very clear that platform heels, kitten heels, thin stilettos and sandals with socks are the biggest trends for this season.


Accessories, accessories, we just can’t go anywhere without them, can we?

It doesn’t take two to tango anymore this season because mismatched earrings are the new hottest trend! The fashion world has blessed us with the opportunity to wear that single dangler we love so much that lost its pair.

Make fun combinations and get that cool chick vibe without an effort!

Spring 17 2017 ECOVEST unmatching earrings fashion trends moda sustainable design catwalk passerelleFrom lipsticks cases and teeny tiny purses to large all-you-can-carry bags, the options are endless and so easy on the eyes!

Feel like a true fashionista and choose from tiny purses with chain straps, ideal for a minimalist style, to metallic and shiny bags with unique shapes, an 80’s trend making a comeback, to drawstring topped bags, when you want to keep it casual, and maxi bags, so you can carry the world looking absolutely flawless!


Complement your look while protecting your eyes from UV radiation with the right eyewear. Rock the oversized look with extra-large sunglasses or get an edgy look with futuristic goggles that will make you the center of attention. Perfect circled, colored lens and double wires are also huge trends for this season, so make sure you get at least a pair!


Socks and stockings are to be used and overused!

This spring, hosiery and open-toe shoes are a match made in heaven, so dress up your legs and feet and make trendy combinations everywhere you go.


So, what are your favorites for the season?

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